Working in the New Wave Office

Watch this video to see Tash and Maryanne talk about working together in the New Wave office, without a support worker.

If you have difficulty hearing the voices, turn on captions by pressing the gear icon and switching captions to on, or see below for the transcript.

CHARITY: Tash, you worked in the office yesterday with Maryanne, and you had no support worker?
CHARITY: Oh, Maryanne is in it too. Excellent. How did you go?
TASH: Oh yeah, we went all right. Maryanne played the games yesterday. Mainly before I got there. And when I got there, she was still playing them.
MARYANNE: But I was helping at the same time.
TASH: Yeah, she was helping. We got through a fair bit. Took the rubbish out. I got them in the wrong bin but we fixed that up. Did a lot of computer work, checking messages on Facebook and email. Printed some papers for Groovers. Photocopied.
CHARITY: Sounds like you did a lot.
TASH: Yeah. I did vacuuming, tidied up, cleaned the dishes.
CHARITY: How do you feel about working in the office? Do you think it’s important to have the office?
TASH: We write down our own tasks we do each in the office.
CHARITY: Was it good being able to work independently?
MARYANNE: Yeah, yep. Yip yip yip.
CHARITY: Are you sure?
MARYANNE: I’m very very sure. I’m like a rat sure.
TASH AND CHARITY: I don’t know what that is.
MARYANNE: Well, it’s a rat who thinks he’s smart. And he’s on a cartoon.
TASH: A very sure rat.
CHARITY: Would you prefer to work again without a worker in the office?
MARYANNE: As long as I’m with her – Tash. I need this one.
TASH: Yeah, I know what I’m doing.
CHARITY: Was it good to have someone on call? Was it good knowing I could be contacted?
MARYANNE: Yes. Ooh yes.