Morwell minutes 3 March 2019

Minutes of Meeting 3rd March 2019

Meeting was held at Moe Library 


Rachael Walters “Peer Leader”, Kathryn Bartlett “Deputy Peer Leader”, Paul Drew “Peer Leader – Wonthaggi”, Glenda Smith “Support worker – Wonthaggi”, Chris Chandler “Support Worker”, David Walker “Member”, Tash Gleeson-brown “Member” Peter McInnes “Member”, Graham Binding “Member”, Maryanne Huggins “Member”, Ron Bulger “Member”

Apologies: None

Wednesday 27th Feb Rachael & Kathryn went to WDV for a meeting to talk about the upcoming Women s hub launch in Traralgon.

Kathryn shared with the group that she has changed activity provider to Interchange, her old provider was not doing anything to help her and was costing more.

Film Festival is coming up Fri 5th April. It is being put together by Valid, we discussed advertising and promoting the event. Glenda asked if it can be put onto DVD for showing in regional centers like Inverloch, Leongatha and Wonthaggi – follow up with email to Paul Dun from Valid.

We talked about getting some new Human rights posters made up for members, smaller ones that can be printed in A4 print. – follow up with SARU, AMIDA, online resources.

We Discussed the final draft of the Banner for Morwell, everyone agreed to the content and color scheme.

Glenda asked if there would be an electronic copy of the 2018 Dolcie stone book for Wonthaggi or can we get a few copies for them? – follow up with Paul Dunn from Valid.

Alex from Workways visited the meeting to discuss his upcoming program to promote employment of persons with a disability to the local communities. To raise awareness of the free programs that will be available to participants, The program is centered around the individual person and jobs can be found that suit the participants skill level and ability.

The work is in the open market and is not subject to state government funding. Jobs are paid at award wages and not the subsidised wages system.

GDAI together with Workways and New Wave would visit shopping centers and advocate along with members to discuss and educate the community on the Barriers to employment people with a disability face everyday.

WE talked about VATT monthly meetings and if anyone could or wanted to attend, unfortunately most members have other activities on the day`s the meeting are being held.

David and Chris talked about distributing brochures around Morwell, they went to the Courthouse, DHHS, Centrelink, Interchange, Library and EW Tipping.