New Wave Gippsland have been busy over the last Month, firstly we got our ILC funding grant approved! Thank you to all involved

Kathryn has been nominated for an Emerging leader award with the ninth annual Victorian Disability Awards, good luck Kathryn you deserve it.

Morwell New Wave were very excited to have a visit from Harriet Shing at our last meeting on Sunday the 14th May. She gave us an update on what things she has been doing like, pampering her lovely dogs and doing a lot of driving out to regional areas to announce different projects.

We got to talk to her about the NDIS and some of the concerns we have, we spoke briefly about the upcoming election and how important voting correctly is.

We asked Harriet about the local transport issues around Wonthaggi and Leongatha, she is going to talk with PTV and Vicroads to see who the best person is for us to speak to. She is also going to look into the issue around the volume of the pedestrian crossing signals around Morwell as they are too low.

Harriet also invited all of New wave, yes all 3 groups to go to Parliament house for a visit and have Lunch. We will get to meet some more politicians and see how Parliament really works. Everyone was excited about this opportunity.

We had a great visit with  Ron, Lisa, Joy, Tony and Neil from United Brains in Doveton, we had a good chat about all things NDIS and have agreed to have regular meetings to develop our relationship. We exchanged a lot of great ideas and it was good to put a face to all the names.

Kathryn and Ron attended the Fantastic flicks event in Moe, they both had a great night and are looking forward to next Valid event.

Graham has continued his solo trips to Ross house for various NDIS and VATT sessions, he has become quite independent and is managing all his own travel and appointment arrangements.

Our Peer educators Rachael, Kathryn have started practising their Cervical Cancer Screening & Breast, Bowl Screening presentations.We have now booked in 3 service providers who want the sessions.

We had a great lunch with GDAI earlier in the Month and will continue having Monthly catch ups to develop our relationship with them.

Several of the members have job opportunities on the horizon with St.Johns and the University of Sydney, the Morwell group has been asked to contribute to a forum on the local council and their interaction with person with disability.

It has been a busy couple of months for members of the New Wave Bass Coast Group with a
Self Advocacy – Human Rights training session conducted by Dean Dadson from SARU.

Councillors and staff from the Bass Coast Council attending a meeting to learn about the
Group, listen to issues that members had in relation to intersections, public transport
signage as well as advising the Group about the forthcoming Wonthaggi Centre Activity Plan
consultation period.

The Group had a presentation by staff from the LaTrobe Community Health Service to
discuss the NDIS and listen to members concerns.

New Wave has also logged a complaint with PTV Vline in regard to the bus signage at the
Biggs Drive interchange.

A group of New Wave members had identified the issue and also canvassed other public transport users who supported their view that the writing on the bus timetables was too small to read by members of the general community, let alone people with a vision impairment. It was also suggested that the times also include a 12 hour clock as opposed to the current 24 hour model (2.20 pm alongside 14.20 time). 

The group identified that a possible solution to the issue could be to enlarge the timetable and for it to be printed onto the side of the bus shelter, in a similar format to advertising on bus/tram
windows. New Wave is currently awaiting the response from the investigation by Vline.

New Wave members Paul, Georgia and Carolan were interviewed by the Star Newspaper
about their concerns with a number of intersections within the Wonthaggi township as well
as offering their support for the campaign by other group members, who also attend C2A
and were running a campaign about the Biggs Drive intersection and the need for a
pedestrian crossing. Their article appeared in the Star Newspaper on 24.4.2019

The need for Phillip Island public transport users of the Sunderland Bay Vline bus stop to
cross the busy Phillip Island Tourist Road at a busy and dangerous intersection, including a
turning lane without the benefit of a traffic island. This is a difficult task without the
seasonal influx of tourists or major events.

A number of New Wave Bass Coast members have also submitted writing pieces for the
Dulcie Stone Writing Awards and are keen to see if their work is published in the near

The with news of the successful ILC funding application the group members are also keen to
visit SARU in the near future to gain a greater understanding of other advocacy groups and
making connections. Watch this space ….

Some group members have also made the journey to Moe on a number of Sundays to
participate in the sessions with Morwell New Wave and look forward to continuing this over
the coming months.

Cr Geoff Ellis, Bass Coast Council Access and Inclusion Committee, has been a regular
attendee at meetings to gain a broader understanding of our group as well as providing a
great opportunity for New Wave to make connections with Council.

Leongatha information session will be on Monday the 29th April, it will be held at Federation Training with the Food tasters group. The session will start at 1 pm.