This policy was developed at a meeting of New Wave Gippsland Self Advocacy members on the 17th March 2019

No confidential, private or personal information is to be shared online.

Social media is not to be used for harassment, bullying or lying

No obscene language in posts

No nudity, graphic, offensive or violent content to be posted online

Consider possible harm to others that could be caused by posting

No pornography in posts, links, emails or any other content online

When posting content remember you are posting for and on behalf New Wave

New Editors are to be trained in how to represent New Wave

No posting other people’s stories without their permission

Post stories as written, don’t change the story, do check the spelling/Grammar

No jargon, use plain English as much as possible

No drug references,

No discrimination, use inclusive language about other groups

When sharing from another group, check for permission unless already public

Social media not to be used to encourage, incite or inspire hatred or violence

Try to post positive stories not negative ones

If a mistake is made, own it and apologise in public if required or needed

No posting of embarrassing or compromising content

Posts need to be relevant to New Wave and on topics that relate to disability or self-advocacy

Don`t share passwords

Don`t let anyone post for or as you

New Wave adopts a Zero Tolerance approach to a breach of this policy – This means the act of applying punishment to even minor infringements of a code or policy in order to reinforce its overall importance.

A breach will result in that person or persons being banned from the use of New Wave social media and if required having their editing rights removed for a period of time to be determined, and based on the seriousness of the breach.

2nd Revision 28 March 2019