New Wave Rainbow Pride

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New Wave Rainbow Pride is a self advocacy group run by and for people that are:

  • a part of the Rainbow Community
  • with intellectual disability and/or an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Who live, work or are connected to Gippsland.

We all get together to fight for our rights, be in a community, support and connect with each other.

We like having fun, and we also go to pride events together.

Rainbow Pride group photo

We are each other’s Rainbow Family

Some of the things we do as a group are:

  • Go to LGBTIQA+ and self advocacy events
  • Provide peer support and information to each other
  • Support each to build our self advocacy skills and stand up for our rights.
  • Have a say in the local LGBTIQA+ community
  • Connect with other self advocacy groups and LGBTIQA+ groups, organisation and the wider rainbow community.

We welcome other people with intellectual disability and Acquired Brain Injury from the Rainbow Community in Gippsland to join our group!

Come to one of our zoom meetings that we have every 2 weeks to see what we are all about.

Please contact us if you have questions about our group!

When the group meets

Fortnightly Thursday 2pm-3:30pm

Where we meet

We have our group meeting on zoom.

The Rainbow Community

The Rainbow Community is another word for the LGBTIQA+ community.

Project Worker: Olly Southerton
Phone: 0493 722 230
Work days: Tuesday

What does LGBTIQA+ stand for?

L – Lesbian
G – Gay
B – Bisexual
T – Transgender
I – Intersex
Q – Queer or Questioning
A – Asexual

+ – includes people with other gender identities and sexualities, like non-binary people – who don’t feel like they are male or female.