Morwell group

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New Wave Morwell is a self advocacy group for people with intellectual disability and acquired brain injuries, run by people with intellectual disability and acquired brain injuries.

New Wave Morwell started in 2009 as a way to give people with disabilities a voice in their lives, to learn and know their rights, make their own choices and learn how to advocate for themselves and others in their community in a fun and accessible way.

Morwell group

I joined New Wave Advocacy because it helps people with disabilities have the same rights and choices as anyone else in the community.

David Walker

An example of New Waves Morwell advocacy in the community includes:

  • Lobbying road crossing on Commercial Road
  • Speaking to V-line about accessibility on public transport
  • Chatting with local councils and political representatives on issues the disability community face.

When the group meets

Fortnightly Wednesdays 2PM to 4PM

Where we meet

The Morwell Group meets every Wednesday fortnight at 27 Church St, Morwell

Group contact details

If you want to talk with someone from New Wave Morwell, or you want to become a member of this group, you can contact Kathryn or Eric.

Peer Worker: Kathryn Bartlett
Phone: 0490 793 375
Work days: Tuesday 10am – 3pm, Wednesday 1-4pm

Project Worker: Eric Silva
Phone: 0412 944 850
Work days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9am – 5pm.