Morte joins your party again the next time you enter the Lower Ward – he is waiting for you outside the entrance to the Bones of the Night. When he joins you again, ask him for advice on how to find Ravel – he will suggest to ask in the Civic Festhall in Clerk’s Ward – and also ask him about his special abilities. He now has a new ability, Skull Mob, which is described on the NPC List under Morte. On your way through the Bones of the Night, you have to pass Mantouk the Wererat who is blocking your way over a bridge.

How to Find Ravel’s Maze in Planescape Torment

This is one of the favorite weapon classes for Thieves; though they are also popular among Fighters. With the exception of the Number of Ku’u Yin, all tattoos in the game are bought in Fell’s Tattoo Parlor in the Southeastern Hive Sector. These are the lenses that Nordom can use to improve (or weaken) his skills. Found in the Mortuary and in the Empty Tomb, can be bought from Magical Items merchants. In India, tribal children attend boarding schools, where they learn Hindi and English, a trade, and the pointlessness of their native tongues. Similar boarding schools for tribal children existed in the US through most of the twentieth century.

Finam’s Book

You can examine the statue closer and break off a piece to gain a Mad Splinter, which can be used as a quite good weapon. You should already have better weapons but the splinter is also valuable as a sellable item. Two weapons that you can get late in the game can be changed to any weapon class you wish. Found in the Trash Warrens, bought from Aalek in the Lower Ward Market.

Clerk’s Ward

You should know from Act 3 that he also works for Many-As-One, the Cranium Rat collective. Tell him (politely) that you are on a quest from Lothar. Or, buy the poisoned cheese from the merchant Giltspur in the Lower Ward and give it to Mantouk, who will immediately die.

The Temple of Elemental Evil

Read the writing inside to get the code to a legacy you left behind on your last trip through Sigil. Hammers are typically slow but do great Crushing damage. Talk to a Fighter trainer to learn to use hammers. Once you have unfolded the Dodecahedron, you will find that it is a journal in a language you don’t understand. Take it to Finam the Linguist in his home in Clerk’s Ward. When you first arrive in the Lower Ward, if Morte is in your party at the time, he will be abducted by two Wererats.

Aelwyn at 21 is the woman Nemelle at 12 is looking for. Once you have reunited the two, speak to her to learn that she has known at least two incarnations of yours. One was a Sensate (this will teach you that you are a legitimate member of the Sensate faction) and the other was mad. The latter incarnation tried to attack Aelwyn and she used her abilities as an Aasimar to make him jump out of a tower to his death. Able Ponder-Thought at 13 can fill you in about Sigil, Clerk’s Ward, and Ravel Puzzlewell if you can stand his long-winded explanations. Nemelle also wants you to find her friend Aelwyn for her.

And if you’re on an evil path, you can sell one of your companions into slavery here. But she will find that you have no fortune and returns your money to you. When you say goodbye, she will give you a scroll that apparently was meant for you. You can read the scroll to find that it is trapped (you will take 36 HP damage). Then return to Elobrande to learn that the scroll was given to her mother by someone who was apparently mad (an earlier incarnation of yours). Lady Thorncombe at 3 is the Festhall’s Mage Tutor.

David and Greg travel to the children’s villages, where economic unrest has stirred a violent Maoist insurgency. The linguists witness the fear and poverty that have driven youth from their native communities. Here you can experience the sensations that Sensates have recorded for your enjoyment. The two locked chests at 4 can be burgled for a total of 137 copper pieces, a Silver Bracelet and a Silver Earring. Unfulfilled-Desire’s drawer can be looted for 34 copper pieces. Unfulfilled-Desire at 3 can help you remove one of your desires.

If Fall-From-Grace is not yet in your party you will have to wait while the tailor works (be patient – it matters!), then buy the Dustman costume for 30 copper pieces. Go back out and deliver it to Malmaner (8,000 XP), then tell him that Goncalves told you there were many people going as Dustmen. Offer to fetch him another costume, enter again, and buy the Godsman costume for 50 copper pieces. This item can be interacted with to learn/remember the Uyo language with the use of the Speak with Dead ability, which helps unlock the Dodecahedron.

Eli Havelock at 15 is the thief-tutor of the Civic Festhall. With a Wisdom of at least 13 you can convince him to return to training thieves for 12,000 XP. Salabash the Onyx at 7 is a mage who wants to become mage-tutor at the Civic Festhall. If you have already met the cursed performer at 22, you can learn that it was Salabash who cursed him.

Please note that it takes four hours of game time to move between wards per move. If for example you leave the Lower Ward and go to Clerk’s Ward, four hours will pass in Sigil. If you go from the Lower Ward to the Mortuary section of the Hive, which takes two moves, eight hours will pass in the game. To solve this quest, speak to Splinter in the Festhall and he will give the permission. Speak to him to learn that he is the father of Deionarra, the ghost you met in the Mortuary. Tell him of this, and that you believe you were the man she was traveling with, then promise him to let him know if you learn what happened to his daughter.

The first time you enter here, you will find Pestle-Kilnn at 2. Speak to him to learn that he is really two people who were merged because one of them drank too many weird potions. If you buy the Gorgon Salve at the Curiosity Shoppe, you can smear it on the statue.

Mazes are like pocket dimensions where creatures who annoy the Lady of Pain are sent (you may already have visited the Player’s Maze yourself). So what you have to do is to find a portal to Ravel’s Maze and the key to open the portal. Open up your inventory and use the portal key you got from the foundry. Use the blood of Kessai-Seris to activate the portal key and the party will then be transported to Ravel’s Maze. Go to the Godsmen’s foundry in the Lower Ward of Sigil.

  1. The linguists witness the fear and poverty that have driven youth from their native communities.
  2. Speak to him according to which solution you have picked to Juliette’s quest and if necessary show him the fake love letters.
  3. With the exception of the Number of Ku’u Yin, all tattoos in the game are bought in Fell’s Tattoo Parlor in the Southeastern Hive Sector.
  4. Talk to a Fighter trainer to learn to use hammers.
  5. You can read the scroll to find that it is trapped (you will take 36 HP damage).

If you wish to join the Sensates, Splinter is the man you need to speak to. You can either join the Sensates for real, or you can convince Splinter that you are already a Sensate. Once open (5,000 XP), it is apparent that the puzzle is a journal of sorts written in a strange language.

Again, the trainer has left, but you can learn from some of the students that she is in the Public Sensorium, where she spends way too much time. Seek her out and convince her to resume training mages. Once you have joined the Anarchists, you can buy items from Conall and rest at the Warehouse. As an Anarchist you can also buy the Anarchist Tattoo from Fell’s Tattoo Parlor. The problem with finding Ravel is that she was mazed by the Lady of Pain a long time ago.

If you kill Mantouk in the Bones of the Night, he drops this book. You can speak to the book by using it from your Inventory screen. The book can help you by offering you advice and by granting you powers.

You can now refer the Drunken Mage in Clerk’s Ward to Unfulfilled-Desire; in return he will give you his Frost-Ale Mug. The Thief trainer has also left, but you can find xcritical courses scam him outside in Clerk’s Ward – it is Eli Havelock at 15 on that map – and convince him to return. Qui-Sai at 8 is a Stone Genasi and the Festhall’s Warrior Trainer.